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dog obedience training

Is your dog misbehaving? Are they not following your rules and you're having trouble communicating with them? Don't worry. Our dog obedience training professionals in Anderson Township, OH are here to help develop some highly effective solutions. We treat each pet individually and always with a positive approach. Find out more about our staff and programs here.

Training by Lydia McCarthy

Lydia has many different techniques and approaches to dog training. She first determines what approach is best for your dog on an individual setting and then tailors all training to your pet. Lydia has a background in animal welfare and has done extensive work with troubled pets to help get them back to acting normal. Please feel free to visit her website or on Facebook under Playful Pooches & Parents.

Train With Us

• No Penalties for Missed Classes
• No Waiting Period, Small Class Sizes
• Convenient Training Schedules
• Classes starting every week

Complete Canine Coaching

Behavioral training classes begin every week and are integrated with therapeutic touch, marker-based training, and an understanding of canine communication through a positive reward for positive behavior approach.

Puppy Classes

• Ages 10 weeks to 5 months
• Thursdays at 6 pm or Saturdays at 2 pm
• 10-Weeks, 3-Level Course for $125
Save 10% by pre-paying for course prior to starting

Adult Classes

• Dogs over 6 months
• Wednesdays at 6pm
• 16 Weeks, 4-Level Course for $195
• 8 Weeks, 3-Level Course for $110

  dog obedience training

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