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Doggie Day Care
Doggie Day Care


Doggie Day Care

You can trust our Doggie Day Care Staff!

Does your dog misbehave when you leave the house? Is it possible they suffer from separation anxiety when you're gone? Or maybe you think they're not getting enough exercise while you're out during the day? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, our doggie day care services in Anderson Township, OH just may be the perfect solution.

We offer individual attention, cleanliness (daily disinfection), comfort and a closely monitored safe environment where your dog will be able to eat, relax and play outdoors (all day). We reinforce training and never undo the training that you have invested your time and hard earned resources in, as we understand canine communication better than anyone else.

Our facility is open Monday through Friday from 7am until 7pm. However, for the safety of our dogs, playtime concludes at 4pm.

Doggie Day Care Rates

• Daily: $23

• 10 Day Pass: $200

• 20 Day Pass: $360

Boarding dogs are not eligible to participate in Day Care unless they are normally part of the Day Care Pack. Managing a Day Care Pack is a bit of a science so rest assured the Pack will not be in a constant state of flux that occurs with the mingling of occasional Boarding dogs. It's not fair to your dogs nor worth the risk for Boarding dogs when the owner is out of town.

*Special Note

All animals are required to be up-to-date on their vaccinations.

Our facilities are routinely inspected to ensure no safety hazards develop.

All dogs must check in by 11am and pass an initial behavior evaluation to determine enrollment eligibility. Not all dogs are suited for daycare. Dogs that play aggressively, show the gums of their mouths during play or are antagonistic, cannot participate.

This doesn't mean they are bad dogs, only that at this time in their development they are not suited for our Doggie Daycare. We will be glad to work with you on behavior modification tips, recommend a trainer and try again, if improvement takes place.

  Doggie Day Care

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