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Orijen Pet Food Supplier


Family Pet Center is Eastside’s leading carrier or high-quality pet products. Orijen is just one of the many healthy dog and cat food options you’ll find here.

Who is Orijen?

Orijen is made by Champion Petfoods, the same company that created Acana, which Family Pet Center also carries.  Champion has won more industry awards than any other pet food maker in the world.  At the Recent World Branding Awards, Orijen was named Brand of the Year for Freeze-Dried Dog Food.

What makes Orijen unique?

Orijen aims to manufacture foods that emulate what our dogs and cats are evolved to eat.  Each formulation strives to include the concentration and variety of meat, as well as other nutrients, that are biologically appropriate for your pet. Their foods and treats are at least 85% meat sourced from 1-8 different types of animals.
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