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What is the difference between Orijen and Acana?
Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Orijen and Acana are two specialty foods that can be hard to come by.  You’ll find both at Family Pet Center, along with a variety of other common or lesser known pet foods.  Acana and Orijen are similar in many ways and customers often ask what the differences are between the two and which they should choose.


Both Acana and Orijen are manufactured by the global award-winning company Champion Petfoods.  Champion Petfoods places value on biologically appropriate foods as well as fresh ingredients.  While both product lines far surpass the quality of kibble you’ll find in chain pet stores, there are a few differences.


Where it’s made.

As a small business, we value shopping local and investing in your community.  Though their business is no longer small, Acana understands as well.  Their ingredients are sourced from farms in Kentucky, everything from poultry and eggs, to fruits and vegetables, as well as meats and herbs.  Orijen also includes farm fresh ingredients in their foods, but the ingredients are harvested from their farms in Canada.



Acana and Orijen are both available as a dry cat or dog food.  In addition, Acana has freeze dried dog treats and four varieties of dog kibble to choose from, including an option for diet-sensitive canines.  Orijen offers freeze dried treats for dogs and cats, as well as freeze dried dog food.


Meat inclusions.

The final and most significant different between Orijen and Acana foods is the meat in each formula. Acana foods are made of 50-75% meat, half of which is fresh, while the other half is freeze dried.  The meats come from up to five different types of animals to provide variation and meet different dietary needs. Orijen is made with 85-90% meat, sourced from as many as 10 different types of animals.  2/3 of the meat in Orijen foods is fresh.


Now that we have outlined the differences, you may be wondering which is the best food for your pet.  We highly recommend both brands for any dogs or cats, including those with kidney, urinary, obesity or joint problems, puppies and seniors.  We suggest that you let your dog or cat be the judge.  For more pet food options, stop by Family Pet Center and let us show you around.


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