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Anderson Township Family Pet Center is a locally owned and operated family business. We work hard to keep our overhead costs as low as possible, while still maintaining top-notch pet care and boarding services. We pass this savings on to you and your pet, our valued customers We don't charge extra for things that need to be done such as walks, medications, or special diets*.

Flexible Stays

Thinking about going on a vacation? Have an overnight business trip coming up? Maybe you have become ill or disabled, and feel you can no longer give your dog the attention they deserve. Whichever the case, our team and facilities can provide the flexible pet care and boarding options you require. Give us a call in Anderson Township and tell us what your needs are and we'll come up with the perfect plan.

Clean and Comfortable Dog Boarding

We invite you to come take a tour of our dog boarding facilities in Anderson Township, OH.
What you'll find is a super clean (disinfected daily) and homey environment. Our kennels are climate-controlled, stainless steel and are arranged to create a stress free environment. We even have Kuranda beds for you pet's comfort! Each animal receives individual attention and is personally taken out for daily exercise to our yards twice daily. This service is offered at no extra charge.

Pickup & Drop-off Services

Our facility is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays.

Overnight Boarding Rates

  • Overnight boarding is $25 per night. An additional dog in the same kennel is $15 per night.
  • Pick up and drop off 365 days a year
  • AC/Heat inside. Large secure play area outside.
  • Must be current with Bordatella Vaccine. We require that any dog that boards with us be inoculated against bordatella (kennel cough) at least 2 weeks before and no more than 6 months prior to boarding. We recommend the nasal type of vaccine.
  • Dogs requiring oral medications should have medications in separate marked pill boxes already portioned out by the day and separated by am/pm.
  • Food provided by owners should be pre-packed in marked zip lock baggies
  • Daycare is available at $13 per day for dogs regularly attending daycare here. Regular attendance is considered at least once a week for 2 months prior to boarding. Managing a daycare pack is a bit of a science and by attending daycare sporadically the dynamic of the pack can be disrupted and put your dog or the other dogs in the pack at risk. This could result in additional complications should your dog need veterinary attention while you are out of town. It is for this reason daycare is not available to boarding dogs who do not attend daycare here on a regular basis at least two months prior to boarding.
* Dogs with special needs $35 per night. Special needs would be after hours care, pets with mobility impairments or extensive dietary preparations or medication requirements. .

We strive to provide the most stress free environment for your dog as possible. Stress can take a quick toll on your older dog. We recommend elder dogs that do not board on a regular basis limit their stay to a few days. If you are not sure how your dog will do please consider an over night stay or two to see how he does. 

We absolutely do not recommend kenneling your dog in a cage free environment, participating in daycare in a facility that it does not regularly attend while you are away or have anyone you are not completely familiar with care for your dog in their home or yours while you are gone.

DAY STAYS $14 For dogs coming in and going out on the same day. We can watch your dog for the day if you are showing your home, having work done, expecting company or just need a break.

Reservations | Call 513 - 231 - 7387

We suggest you make your pet care boarding reservations as soon as possible, especially around Holidays as space may be limited for dogs that have not stayed with us before. If we are unable to accommodate them, please keep us in mind when the occasion arises again.
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