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What are the differences between Fromm Classics, Gold, and Four-Star?
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Fromm Family Classics is a family owned and operated pet food company that shares in Family Pet Center’s passion for local pet specialty stores.  Fromm dates back to the 1900s and is still going strong.  Today, we’re going to provide some insight into the varieties of foods offered by Fromm to help you select which is best for your dog or cat.


For dogs, there are three Fromm formulas to choose from.  Fromm Classic is close to the original Fromm family formula of chicken and brown rice.  Adult and senior dogs, as well as those with digestion, obesity, or allergy problems usually do well with Fromm Classic.  From Gold foods are more specific: puppy, adult, senior, as well as weight loss, large and small breeds.  The holistic recipes include natural ingredients such as duck, eggs, lamb, and cheese.  Four-Star is Fromm’s gourmet pet food offering, suitable for dogs of all ages.  Grain and grain-free foods are available in a variety of flavors Fido will surely drool over.


There are two Fromm formulas available for cats as well.  Fromm Gold offers recipes specifically for kittens, adult cats, and mature cats.  As with Fromm Gold for dogs, the recipes feature natural ingredients and a holistic nutritional approach.  If you have a cat who refuses to like the same food two weeks in a row, Fromm Four-Star is for you.  Formulated to allow pets and their parents to choose a different recipe at each meal, your cat will not be bored with Four-Star.  These gourmet dishes are available in both dry food and can pâtés (wet food).


We’ve provided quite the rundown of Fromm’s formulas, but we know it can be difficult to choose.  Feel free to stop by Family Pet Center to discuss your pet’s specific preferences and dietary needs.   We have decades of experience successfully recommending the perfect food for family pets.  Family Pet Center is open seven days a week, so grab your pet and come see us.  


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